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Associated Enterprises was established in 1968 as a partnership business in the field of servicing and maintenance of fire extinguishers, fire protection system in buildings and supply of fire fighting equipment.

In 1973, it started manufacturing fire fighting equipment such as fire hosereel, landing valves, breeching inlets, couplings, adaptors, nozzles, etc., in Singapore supplying to the industrial, oil and gas and marine industry.

In 1979, the company registered itself as a private limited entity and continue it’s manufacturing until 1986 when it relocated the facililty to Taiwan. The manufacturing site continues uptil today. The manufacturing equipment in the beginning are mainly manual operated and this has been upgraded to computerised numerical controlled (CNC) with multiple vertical and horizontal machining centres, etc. With better and more modern machines, the quality and dimensional tolerances of the products are very well controlled as required in the standards.

In early 1990’s, the company in Singapore was issued ISO9001 Quality Certification and in the 1995, our products were listed and certified by the local authority, Singapore Civil Defence Force.

The products had to undergo type testing to the relevant British Standards and an audit scheme was implemented to monitor all products that strict compliance to the standards are maintained through the issuance of security labels that are affixed the each products that are sold to the market. The products are sampled for laboratory testing periodically based on the number of labels issued.

In the late 1990’s and through the years later, we are proud to announce that the company’s fire fighting equipment have been certified by BSI UK, SAI GLOBAL (Australia), KIWA NA (Netherland), ANPI (Belgium), TUV-SUD PSB (Singapore) and SETSCO (Singapore). The fire hosereel equipment is CE Marked through KIWA NA.

Today, the company manufacture and supply through OEM agreements for several overseas clients and it’s own “AE” brand have been exported to Europe, Middle East, Bangladesh, Australia, ASEAN countries.

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